EBB'nE N Dabro's Don't Stop Me Now 

Sire: GCHS Central Valley's Razzle Dazzle For Sapphire Skies   Dam: Pryde's Little Miss Sure Shot

Bred by Beverly Williams

Co owned by David Brown and Beverly Williams

Look for this fun little guy in the ring in late 2022

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  GCH Dabro and Pure Pride's Valor CH Pure Pride's Harbourmaster Avalon's Justice of Windsong SOM CH Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac SOM CH TuRo's Empire SOM
CH Sundarby's Cover Girl
CH Avalon's Windsong CH Bentbrook's Image of High Noon SOM SOMC
CH Avalon's Quiet Storm
CH Pure Pride's Loca-motion CH Garnsey's Varsity Blues SOM CH Lynbary's Ode To Cachet
Halcyon's Chances Are
GCH Pure Pride's Absolute GCH Pure Pride N Rion's Witches Brew
Pure Pride's Cassiopia From Greenfield DOM
GCH Pure Pride's Baby I'm a Star BISS GCH Wit's End Night Reveler SOM CH Samson N Asuncion New Start CH Myohmy N MGM's Typhoon
Samson's All In DOMC
Wit's End Total Eclipse CH Arriba Talisman Satisfaction SOM
One for the Money at Wit's End
CH Pure Pride's Keenen How Can I Refuse DOM GCH Solidrock's Major Ensemble At Pure Pride SOM CH TuRo's Overture SOM
CH Korvette's Porsha RN TDI CGC
Pure Pride's Cassiopia CH Oak Knoll's Cruise Control
Greenfield's Simply Irresistible
CH EBB'nE TRB's Double Entendre CH Avalon's X-Static SOM CH Cachet's Exclusive Design CH Jaegerhouse's Adonis CH Cachet's High River Gambler
CCH Jaegerhouse's Quasi Licorice
Cachet's Solitaire CH Garnsey's Ultimatum
Coquettte of Lynbary
CH Avalon'N Windsong's OOH La La Avalon's Justice of Windsong SOM CH CH Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac SOM
CH Avalon's Lalique DOM
CH Avalon's Cosmopolitan CH Avalon's Windwalker
CH Avalon's Lalique
EBB'nE's Dolce Far Niente at TRB BEE VEE's Big Bang Britlyn BeeVee's Dark Secret CH Jacquet's Black Centurian
Sundarby's Gold Dust Woman
CH Britlyns Uptown Girl CH Harlyn-Bee Vee Regal Heir
CH Britlyn's O'Wendy
EBB'nE's I'll Have What She's Having Ebony's Why So Serious Camelot's Maximum Excalibur
Rynward's Sarah Vaughn
Ebony's Clever Girl GCH Cachet'n Justa's Unforgiven
Ebony''s Storming The Castle
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