GCH EBB'nE's Say Hello To My Little Friend  RATO              Born 3/11/2016

Sire: BeeVee's Big Bang Britlyn  Dam: EBB'nE's I'll Have What She's Having

Tony, posing for his Grand Champion win pic. He hates posing for those and so do I LOL

Tony at almost 4 years, looking his best, doing what we love. Hiking and watching "tree rats". 

Tony in the Barn Hunt ring

Tony at 2 1/2 years ^^^

23 months

20 months old

17 months old

16 months

16 months

"12-15 Brindle: Ebb’Ne’s Say Hello to My Little Friend: Square, medium-sized, good neck and shoulders."

Sharon Steckler. ABC 2017 judge

Tony at 13 months

Tony placing 1st in his class at ABC 2017 at age 13 months, handled by Dan Buchwald.

8 mo old

6.5 months

5 months old

15 weeks old